Worth Checking Out: Allstar JR’s “Organized Crime”

Since the release of his 2016 solo debut Get a Bag or Go Home, Allstar JR’s musical grind has been relentless. Every week he’s delivering new visuals that rack up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. On top of that, he’s transformed his signature ‘Get a Bag’ phrase into a burgeoning independent label and brand.

JR’s latest album, Organized Crime, is arguably his best work to date. An audio collage comprised of pain, perseverance, pleasure and prosperity, the album provides an unfiltered look into the life of a Detroit native striving to make a way for himself and those in his circle.

Kmoney — one of the most talented beatsmith doing it (in my humble opinion) — handled the bulk of the album’s production. I can’t front; a lot of the projects I listen to that are laced by one producer tend to sound like one long-ass song. Fortunately, that’s not the case on Organized Crime. The sound ranges from soulful to rugged to heartfelt and everything in between.

I’ve had Organized Crime in rotation for a couple weeks now and wanted to highlight a few of my favorite vibes off the album. Peep them below.

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