That One Classic From Black Rob and The Lox

The evening of March 30th, 2000; I’ll never forget it.

We were headed to our grandmother’s wake. I was in the backseat, my brother was riding shotgun and my cousin was driving. ​To keep our minds off the inevitable, we listened to music — Black Rob’s Life Story to be exact. The project had dropped a few weeks prior, and I’d gotten my hands on the cassette.

Headed down a narrow two-lane road in Alabama, we reached track 9: “Can I Live.” The sound of wind flowed through the speakers as Jadakiss adlibbed and the beat dropped. The rest was history.

Over simple piano riffs, Jada, Styles, Sheek and Black Rob exposed their inner desires to live lavishly while staying true to their core. Though a kid, the song touched me for some reason. Listening to it gave me a sense of peace. I was less worried about the saddening reality that awaited in the distance.

To this day, whenever I hear “Can I Live,” I reflect on the evening of March 30th, 2000. And that’s what makes this song a classic to me.

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One comment

  1. It’s amazing how music can change our outlook in life. Through the message it brings to us, we get to contemplate and make realizations. These are tools that could help us overcome battles that we are facing. Music is more than just the rhythm and the melody. Meaningful messages are being delivered for the artists to voice out their concerns and inspire the listeners.


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