The Memphis Flyer’s Bruce VanWyngarden Talks Digital Media, Future of Journalism


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For the second installment of “Chapters,” Memphis Flyer editor and esteemed journalist Bruce VanWyngarden talks to AHumbleSoul about the effects of digital media on the newspaper industry, current state of journalism and the importance of embracing social media. 

Check out the video below and make sure to follow the site and subscribe to the AHumbleSoul YouTube channel.


  1. I remember a friend coined the term “digital analog primitive” when he saw what I do for a living. I think at this day and age where it’s impossible for anyone to survive without gadgets, being in touch with traditional ways can really pay well. People have a natural tendency to be curious with things they won’t be able to experience online or within the limits of their smartphones. There is nothing like playing a real instrument and reading a book while smelling the paper.


    1. I understand that all people are now transitioning into a much digital phase of life and that the newsrooms are of no exception. There is actually this one time when I was surfing the Internet, I managed to read one Insights report from The Associated Press about the development of traditional newsrooms on top of the traditional printing press offices and headquarters. Truly, social media has played a large role when it comes to journalism. The advent of social media and social networking platforms produced what we call cyber journalism and mobile journalism. Thus, it is no wonder that in the upcoming years, journalists will be promoting home-based journalism since the Internet is offered at least in every housing unit.

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