Happy 42nd Birthday To The Jacka

It’s been four years since The Jacka passed away. One of the Bay Area’s most impactful rap artists, he would’ve turned 42 today.

On Feb. 2, 2015, approximately two months after releasing his well-received project What Happened to the World, Jacka was fatally shot while standing with some associates near the intersection of 94th Ave. and MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland. Though immersed in a profession considered by many to be extremely dangerous, it still shocked the masses when reports circulated regarding his death. To this day, his murder remains unsolved by law enforcement, and his absence, on and off the mic, continues to affect scores around the world.

Last year, A Humble Soul had a chance to pay respect to Jacka by visiting his mural in East Oakland, a bittersweet experience to say the least.

In celebration of his b-day, we’re highlighting a handful of dope vibes from Jacka’s extensive catalog. Check them out below. R.I.P. to The J A.

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