Lil Baby Talks Da Baby Collab | Reveals His Biggest Fear, Favorite Restaurant

When it comes to the current state of the rap game, hands down Lil Baby is one of few leading the charge. In approximately two years, he’s been able to develop a cult following and acquire more than 9 billion music streams, two accomplishments that illustrate the seriousness of his musical presence.

During his appearance on the Nick Cannon Morning Show, Lil Baby opened up about his journey to success, how it feels to know his music has been streamed billions of times and the inspiration behind his lyrics.

“I can only rap about something I’ve been through…almost in like a storytelling way.”

He also talked about making a conscious effort to fully embrace the lifestyle of an artist, and reflected on his first encounter with fellow Southern superstar Da Baby. Side note: Peep their banger “Baby” off Quality Control’s Control the Streets, Vol. 2. The song’s visual, a spin-off of a classic Scarface scene, is hard, too.

Before he finished chopping it up with Nick, Lil Baby revealed his biggest fear, favorite restaurant and the best advice he’s ever received. Check it all out below.


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