Sway Releases “I Got The Answers” T-Shirt


Sway Calloway is arguably one of the most respected media figures within the hip-hop realm by far. But Kanye West showed little-to-no acknowledgement of that when he yelled at him repeatedly during an interview on his SiriusXM show, “Sway in the Morning.”

“You ain’t got the answers, Sway!” he yelled several times after Sway asked him why he didn’t empower himself instead of relying on corporations to support his fashion goals.

Well, Sway has decided to use Kanye’s antics to his advantage; he’s released his own line of shirts emblazoned with the words, “I Got The Answers” on them. They’re available
now at SwaysUniverse.com.

Check out a clip of Sway talking about his interview with Kanye and new “I Got The Answers”  t-shirt below.

By @Lou4President

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